Fun Facts About Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Fort Sill, Oklahoma is located about 85 miles northeast of Oklahoma City and is a United States Army base. It is one of the largest army bases in the nation with a considerable presence of military installations around the globe. It is also one of the safest cities in the state with about two-thirds of its population living in its six counties. One of the most popular attractions in Fort Sill is the Historic Old Shops Building, which was designed by architect John Pierrakos in the early 1960s. It is one of the original nine barn buildings designed by Pierrakos that is open to the public and provides a peek into the history of this town and its development. See more here.

Fort Sill’s second-largest attraction is its main lighthouse, located on Water Street at mile marker 5.5. The fort is also known as The Old fort Volunteer Post and is where the fort was established in the year 1815. Tourists who have the chance to go aboard the steamboat Grog and Endeavorers during springtime are often captivated by the spectacular view from the water. Other attractions in Fort Sill include The Thunder Gate, which is the site of the last Oklahoma Congress, the oldest surviving civil war cannon in the country, the Josephine Mining Museum, which houses a historic collection of gold and iron keys that were used by key figures in the Klondike Gold Rush and The Old Stone House, which serve as a historic residence of the OK Corral. The museum also offers visitors the opportunity to watch a re-enactment of the final ride of the Alaskan railroad, the Snake River Chase. See here for information about Fort Sill, Oklahoma – Attractions Galore.

The Fort Sill Oklahoma City website offers information about all of the above-mentioned attractions, as well as travel information to the site. To reach Fort Sill, motorists can take a train from the Tulsa International Airport or take a bus to the Fort Sill Depot, which serves a variety of local retail and convenience stores. Fort Sill, lodging is available across a variety of price ranges, but visitors should expect to pay at least a portion of their trip budget for accommodations. This includes room rates and meals.