Learn More About Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Fort Sill, Oklahoma is located about 85 miles northeast of Oklahoma City and about three hours north of Fort Smith. Fort Sill was built in the mid-nineteenth century by the United States Army. The main attractions include the Thunderbird Training Center, which has been home to many Thunderbirds, and the Air Force Museum, which have collections and displays on many topics, including the Wright Brothers and other early aerospace pioneers. There are also several historical landmarks, beaches, reserves, and wilderness areas. This area is popular for visitors who enjoy bird watching, hiking, camping, mountain biking, swimming, and the area’s abundant wildlife. Further facts about Lawton, OK can be found here.

Fort Sill is home to many attractions, but there is some information you need to know before visiting these sites. This guide provides key information on what you can do in the area and nearby attractions. This is especially helpful if you have never been to the area or do not live near it. Fort Sill offers tours of the post along with information about the surrounding area. They have information about the history of the area, as well as one can get information on the different attractions and things to do in the area. Other attractions in Fort Sill include viewing the non-endangered birds in the area, watching and learning about the native wildlife of the area, or visiting the Museum of Contemporary American Art. There is a boat ramp where people can use canoes to get out on the water and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Rocky Mountains. The Fort Sill Oklahoma Memorial Library is also located on the site. Information about All About Cache, Oklahoma can be found here. 

Fort Sill offers much in the way of attractions, including but not limited to: the Thunderbird Training Center, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Space Museum, and the Tinkerbell Farm Historic Site. All of this is within an hour or two of downtown Oklahoma City and approximately three hours from Dallas. There are numerous attractions near the Fort like the Tinkerbell Farm Historic Site, but the Thunderbird Training Center and the Space Museum are considered the main draws. Fort Sill is also home to the Tinkerbell Farm, which is a tourist attraction drawing large numbers of people each year. There are many things for tourists to do at Fort Sill and nearby attractions. A Fort Sill Guide is your best option for all your Fort Sill information and touring needs.