Appreciate Arts at Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma

A native of Lawton, Oklahoma, Leslie Powell was an influential artist who contributed much to the world through his creative endeavors. Currently housed in one of the old historical buildings in Lawton, The Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support artists from all over the Southwest region of Oklahoma. Established in 2021 by Leslie Powell and his wife Irina, the Gallery has invested a lot of funds to preserve the art and history of Lawton and surrounding areas. In keeping with the local tradition of providing low-cost services to its community, the Gallery provides its services at no charge to its visitors. Further facts about Lawton, OK can be found here.

The Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma features over forty works of art ranging from oil paintings and portraits to sculptures and photographic pieces. The Gallery also features an annual juried exhibition that brings local and national juried award winners to Lawton for displaying their work in the world-renowned Exhibition Hall. Juried exhibits at the gallery are regularly showcased by nationally and internationally known artists and professional artists working in various mediums. The gallery’s efforts to bring internationally recognized art to Lawton, Oklahoma continue to enhance the reputation of this beautiful southern town and bring more tourists and travelers to visit. Another reason why the arts community of Lawton, Oklahoma is thriving is because of its dedication to the conservation of the environment and preserving the richness of local culture. In addition to hosting regular events such as the “Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma”, the community continues to actively engage in numerous activities that promote art, culture, history, and memory. Information about The Stunning Structure of Historic Mattie Beal Home in Lawton, Oklahoma can be found here. 

The Arts Council of Lawton, OK is the driving force behind maintaining the reputation of Leslie Powell Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma. This organization was formed in 1971 as an arts council for Lawton and surrounding areas. The Arts Council is an advisory board to the city and county of Lawton. This nonprofit organization works in coordination with the major business and civic leaders in Lawton and surrounding areas to enhance the quality of life through education and creative expression.